YourBestGrade, a project that has been developed by NUS Technology since 2019, aims to nurture potential medical students in the US by developing their test taking skills, strengthening their weak spots and improving their knowledge via numerous prep programs and continuous feedback. Up to this point, YourBestGrade has attracted over 60,000 users with their systematized courses.



    • Up to 60k users, the system is managing big data that has been accumulating since 2019 and constantly growing.
    • High traffic during exams period of students, peak season can exceed 1200 IOPS and is unpredictable.


    • Applying table partition for big data, which automatically spawns whenever the existing one reaches its limit.
    • The infrastructure is hosted by trusted service - AWS, all components are adaptable and simple to expand to meet changing demand.
    • Finally, NUS always has a specialized team that keeps an eye on the system and performs hotfixes when an urgent problem arises.