Propmap streamlines workforce management, allowing managers, dispatchers, and fieldworkers to perform more work with higher quality. Propmap provides a consolidated platform that unites a company's fieldworkers, dispatchers, and office people in one spot, saving time spent on administration and simplifying processes, allowing a team to get more done with less stress. As a result, jobs are performed more quickly and at a higher standard.



    • Syncing between the mobile app and the web system, where a large amount of data from multiple jobs with multiple workers is transmitted back to the server.
    • Most workers have to operate in situations where wifi or data signals are unavailable, and hence we had to find ways to store data on the phone with the right time stamps to transmit back to the server when the phone goes back online.
    • Client companies have office workers and field workers who operate in different time zones, and hence bookings made on the web system and displayed on the phone app have to reflect the correct time stamps for job details and status updates.


    • Establishing background syncing intervals with a fail-retry mechanism to improve UX for large syncing.
    • Data stored in the mobile app's offline mode is given time stamps and set to sync back to the server in order of priority to make sure time-sensitive data is correctly saved.
    • For web and mobile apps, time-related data is generated and stored using different strategies. For the web app, time is set to follow the organization's settings, while the mobile app records time based on the device settings.