Jooto is a cloud based visual task board application. Its flexible and easy-to-use design means it can be used for many different tasks such as: Work projects, business communications or information sharing… With the drag & drop interface on both DESKTOP and TOUCH SCREENS, and RESPONSIVE view in almost all devices, working with these tasks will be easier than ever. You can also work with others as a team by adding other members to the project board, everything will be updated real-time so everyone will be notified. File sharing and data export are also supported.



    • Querying activity logs is slow when the data became huge (hundreds of millions)
    • Parallel real-time task's order updating sometimes cause conflicts
    • Columns with too much complex cards are a a bit lagged when doing drag & drop on weak mobile devices


    • Apply table partitioning by board ID range
    • Replace sequential order value with spaced numbers and use binary position calculation
    • Customize the list view for lazy rendering