Fountain Gift provides the best greeting and gifting experience for senders and receivers. This website service brings back the lost art of the handwritten card, one card at a time. The function on the site focuses on simplifying gift giving, which users will only have to go through simple steps to send gifts to others: select card from the collection, type in a message, select add-ons like photos or chocolate, and the rest of the work will be carried by the system.



    • Using SPA for Front-end, which is not good for SEO purposes.
    • Have to handle complicated and time-consuming administrative tasks such as exporting.
    • The sheer amount of JSON data returned
    • Excessive loading time for JS/CSS, affecting user experience.


    • Using Prerender.IO to support SEO
    • Switching the Heroku server to Digital Ocean to resolve the exporting problem.
    • Reducing response data by combining pagination and JSON optimization.
    • Using HeadJS to optimize the system loading time.