Culture Radar is a platform to manage CMS content (surveys/learning modules) and send them to the mobile app for the users to do/learn from it. Data and statistics regarding the users' responses are used to calculate the index scores, which determine quantitatively every aspect of the users' working environment. This platform has welcomed 37 companies within its first 6 months of operation.



    • In the context where the number of users and data of the business is expanding (currently there are over 37 companies), the business requires a system that automatically sends academic content to mobile users rather than doing it manually.
    • Live data collected from end users (including mobile and web apps) will be stored directly on the server, which may result in mistakes of getting the wrong data or losing live data and this can impact the business operation and user experiences.


    • Logic builder: The function that automatically works based on conditional action that has been defined. This can apply automatically to a variety of users if the conditions are met, which somehow can save time and effort.
    • Furthermore, Logic Builder is integrated with the mobile app's Geolocation function, allowing users to send content whenever they log in or out of the geographical area that has set the condition.
    • Implementing Amazon RDS (Relational Database Service) will store the live database on the Amazon RDS server and intergrate with retention period backup. This enables database restoration at any time within 35 days and helps secure the storage of live data.