Bikebiz provides a complete e-commerce experience for motorbike parts, gears, accessories, and more. Bikebiz's online store, which was revamped by NUS Technology in 2019, has an impressive choice of products that users can easily browse thanks to the site's current, user-friendly design. Thousands of people shop at Bikebiz every week, enjoying the smooth payment and delivery process.



    • As an e-commerce site, technical SEO has been a top priority concern for Bikebiz from day-one of developlement. The metrics to chase is Google’s Core Web Vitals (CWV). While it has been clear from the start that high CWV scores are the goal, achieving both the CWV-compliant page experience and the designed functionalities and UX proves difficult, as certain development solutions are incompatible with CWV standards.


    • From the beginning of the development process, the NUS team prioritizes site optimization. On each page built, CWV metrics are evaluated on a regular basis and revisited as the site evolves throughout the development lifecycle. The architecture for the storefront was chosen to be server-side rendering with NextJS, along with various other implementations such as minimizing JavasScript, lazy loading, and image compression.